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Termination of Leases

  • 30-day notice to tenant is required for a month-to-month tenancy of less than one year.
  • 60-day notice to tenant is required for a month-to-month tenancy of one year or longer.
  • 90-day notice is required for Section 8 tenancy.

Ellis Act

Permits owners of rent-controlled property to evict thier tenants and go out of the rental buisness providing they comply with certain proceedural requirements.    Read more...

Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act

Exempts newly constructed residential units from rent control providing it has a certificate of occupany issued after February 1, 1995.

90-day Notice to Terminate Lease After Foreclosure

Effective May 20, 2009 a new federal law provides that all "bona fide" tenants on a month-to-month tenancy be given a 90-day notice prior to eviction, after a foreclosure on the property has taken place.

The new Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009 (expiring 2012) is aimed to help families renting housing units by giving them plenty of time to prepare and look for other housing options.   . 

A "bona fide" tenant means they are not the borrower of the foreclosed loan, are not a member of the borrower's family, are not paying rent that is substantially below fair market rent, or is not subsidized by federal, state or local programs.